You must have experienced the continuous unreasonable crying of your baby once in a while in your motherhood journey .. at that moment when you find your baby is not hungry, not sleepy, not dirty, you are confused about the situation.. you are helpless.. that time your experienced elders advice you to apply hing on baby’s naval area stomach.. and in few minutes baby got calmed.. its because most of the time colic/gas/bloating/constipation is the main cause behind baby’s crying.

Secondly You must have also heard about burping infants after milk feed to digest it.. this process helps baby to avoid getting colicky.
An infant gets colic because of unhealthy eating of mother..
But As baby grows many times they eat foods which are unhealthy and indigestive.. and then they feel uncomfortable. Many of you know the best way to cure indigestion in babies/toddlers is our very old traditional home remedy to apply hing on stomach (around the naval area) …
But what about when you are not able go carry hing with you.. or you are not able to prepare this home remedy. well @mothersparsh has come up with this solution for all the mothers.. yes
@Mothersparsh tummy roll on …

This Tummy roll on is 100% Ayurvedic which is made up of natural oils
Its a stick type formula which can easily be used as it is ..
It contains 5 oils
➡hing oil -> has anti septic and antibacterial properties which reduces acid reflux & constipation
➡saunf oil -> reduces stomach bloating, gas and helps in burping..
➡pudina oil-> has cooling effect which gives relief from acid reflux
➡sonth oil-> cures chronic indigestion
➡sova oil-> relaxes abdominal pain


✅100% ayurvedic
✅natural ingredients make it completely safe for babies health
✅all the essential oils gives instant relief from any kind of discomfort, colic, due to gas, acidity, indigestion, constipation, stomach bloating.
✅no use of chemicals and toxins make it totally skin friendly for babies
✅easy to use/apply
✅packaging is so good and travel friendly
✅no artificial fragrance is used
✅very affordable.

This tummy roll can directly be used on babies skin .. just remove the
cap and apply on stomach around the naval area.. its completely safe for
babies delicate skin.
Can be used once in week or alternatively as per the need.

this is going to be my must have product to carry in my bag all time. Now i don’t need to rush to the kitchen and follow hing applying process..@Mothersparsh roll on is the saviour..

Just go through their website for more..

this roll on is available on amazon

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today i m gonnna share some of my personally used tips which wrked for #babykushagri.

so just give it a glance mommies and do try for ur baby’s..

first of all massage ur baby nicely with olive oil or whatevr oil you use for massaging  to give her skin smoothness so that c dsnt feel any pain..only after massaging follow these tips, massage is the first thing to do before trying any tip..

📌TIP1– take 1tbs gramflour, a pinch of turmeric & n milk to make a thick paste.. now apply to her body and massage it simultaneously..
📌TIP2– make a smooth dough of wheat & gramflour and rub on ur babys body.. it will soften the hair roots n start removing hairs gradually..
📌TIP3– make paste of lentils(red masoor) powder & baby cream or yogurt and gently massage with this paste.

📌TIP4– paste of turmeric and milk or u can use yogurt.. apply on baby’s hairy areas and massage
📌TIP5— take a piece of bread and dip it into unboiled milk den massage on baby’s body..
lastly give a lukewarm water bath after following any of the process..

these tips can be used to babies who are  above 4months…

i hope these tips gonna help you mommies.. 😊😊😊


How many of u are still spending quality time with ur life partner after becoming parents and how frequently are u taking out time for each other…?
the answer will b inside u..

i remember before kushagri ws born we(me & my hubby) used to watch a movie in theatre evry week.. we used to go beach shopping or jst for the dinner.. very frequently… there ws no time limit no pre planning…

but wen kushagri came to our life, in startng 1-2 months we were busy learning everythng to handle our lo… although cutu(kushagri’s pet name) is a very calm very disciplined child tht i had nvr got problms to deal with her.. bt still there wer so many thngs we were learning n exploring related to parenting.. meanwhile our we time vanished..

after her birthday thngs got constant like her routine got almost fixed evrydy.. so since 5-6 months we startd thnking for our quality time.. i knw its nt possible to be like that wen we were nt parents.. bt we can be like couples..


💏 its nt possible to go out so frequently for movie.. so we watch at home jst two of us after cutu sleeps(toughwood c sleeps at night nicely)
💏 once in a month we go out for shopping while cutu’s daadi take care of her(benefit of joint family 😜)
💏 sometimes we chit chat wen cutu z busy in her toys
💏 many times we involve cutu as well in our we time like dancing.. cutu also luvs to dance..
💏 we do things of each others interst like cooking specl..
so ya we try to giv our relation a new spark.. wt do u ppl do.. share ur ways of ur “We” time, may be dt can help us more…. 🙏😊😊


#WorldBreastfeedinweek is nt only the 7 days to celebrate but its a time to cherish ur one and only divine power wich only a woman can have n feel.. so mommies go ahead cherish ur first experience of breastfeeding…
now for me #Breastfeeding z not jst a process to feed ur baby, but a divine feeling of motherhood, its a feeling of completeness, a feeling of an eternal & selfless love and bond btwn two souls.. Breasfeeding cnt be described in words it can only be felt..


well my breastfeeding journey wsnt so successful like others.. when #babykushagri ws born i ws told to bf her & i did but in starting 2-3 days like most of d mothr i also cudnt produce enough for her so at night c used to cry n den nurses startd giving her formula.. after cumng home i startd bf her again..

–  Bt after a week wen v went for vaccination her paediatrician told dat c z losing weight so fast n c had to b fed properly wich means formula..
— ya dt ws d toughest momnt 😒 for me . bt i had to..

— Here as a mother i dint loose patience n i continued breastfeeding her n formula too
gradually it wrkd for me some enough..
Eevn if it ws nt enough for her i continued breastfeeding normally which resulted that it dint get dry…

♣  many ppl scared me many times that her immunity will get effcted bt i nvr bothr their negativity..
n Believe me mommies toughwood her immunity is nt lesser than othr kids who are on breastfeed only…
♣  #babykushagri z 1.5 years old now but our breastfeeding journey z still on and it will continue for another few months.. for sure..
i can proudly call myself a breastfeeding mother.. 😊😊

now here i hav some experiences/advices wich i find genuine to b followed..

❤ it is said that even a drop of breastmilk is like holy water(amrit) so mommies plz breastfeed ur baby anytime as much as u can..
❤while breastfeeding be happy n calm bcz ur baby is gonna get all ur mood tooo..
❤remember mommies u can think the best for ur baby so alwys follow ur heart wen it cums abt ur baby n ignore the rest..

best of luck..😊😊


Tricks to attract your baby towards food

I hv heard many times mommies worrying n complaining abt babies routine of not eating properly…especially toddlers wont show any interest on eating bcz dey r busy exploring things..
kushagri z also one of those kids..

Here im gonna share some of my personally tested and successful tricks..

😊 kushagri z one and half year Old now and she needs full bowl of healthy meals.. bt c nevr showed interst on d food i used to giv her.. den i startd dese tricks.. it wrked for me.. i knw not every mommy can get 100% result bt thre z no harm in trying..

so here r d tricks..

👶- TYPE OF FOOD– first of all try to find out d type of food ur baby is interestd to eat.. like some kids like total solid food wherever some like gravy type , some like nonspicy wherevr some like chatpata (salty n lil spicy)

👶- CHANGE OF FOOD– try to change d food evrytime.. like if u r giving roti in d mrng den lunch shud b rice .. similarly if tody u hv givn apple 🍎 in fruit den nxt fruit shud b othr dan apple 🍌🍊🍋🍓


👶- FOOD DEMANDING- this one is a bit harsh bt important to do..
once in a week let ur baby ask for food i mean toddler do indicate abt their hunger.
🚩some time back once wen kushagri got up in the morng i gave her nothng to eat wich c generally have (like biscuit or fruit) , so after an hour she indicated herself by sayng nyam nyam n by pointing out to d caserole😂 dat c z hungry.. then i gave her roti n she had it all.. dis trick workd for me so well.

👶- QUANTITY OF FOOD– if ur kid z full dey wont eat any extra bite wid interest so notice wen z ur kid stopping to eat.. dnt force him/her to eat after that bite..othrwise it will lead dem disinterested towards food.


last bt not the least.
👶- NO OF MEALS– baby’s stomach and a pregnant woman’s stomach work almost same so alwys give ur baby small n no of meals in a day.. toddlers keep on walking whole day so watevr dey eat it gets digested so soon.. so its very important to make them eat somethng in regular intervals.

so give a try to these tricks and let me knw hw it wrkd for u luvly momies.. for many more tricks and experiences kp in touch.. 😊